OMI News

OMI Lives! (We swear…)

To say the past year has been challenging is a massive understatement. A lot of folks, myself included, went into survival mode, focusing on only the most immediate and pressing things (like graduating or taking care of children.) Still, OMI did a few things. This site (such as it is) was one of them. We also started a Discord channel, a page, and had a few remote synth jams to boot!

Needless to say we are all looking forward to in-person events – to gathering, workshopping, and making music together. Until then, we will be amassing ideas for precisely *what* to workshop and what kind of music we want to make. If you have ideas, use the contact page or the Discord channel to let us know. Better yet, join OMI and help us directly!

In the meanwhile, please stay healthy and keep making music.